80+ Meatloaf Recipes

Meatloaf Recipe

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70+ Side Dishes


Side Dishes... I hate making the same old side dish for dinner, sometimes I think it's more difficult to come up with different side dishes so it doesn't seem like I'm making the same thing over and over. Here is a few of my favorites to make either together or on their own. My Quick and Easy … [Continue reading]

The Best homemade solution for Hostas Care

Healthy hosta

    Spring has sprung and now is the perfect time to think about hostas care. Put this homemade mixture on any plant, bush or grass and it … [Continue reading]

Vegetable, Sneaky way to get your kids to eat more

Get more greens .org

How to get kids to eat more vegetable   Most kids are not a fan of green vegetable, especially spinach. But turning it into a smoothie with … [Continue reading]

Corn Fritters

Easy-corn-fritters1 .org

Quick and Easy Creamed Corn Fritters   These easy Corn Fritters {Pancakes} are sweet and delicate – a great side dish or a quick little meal … [Continue reading]

Quick & Easy Polish Hamburger


Polish Hamburgers Recipe I have no idea how this Polish Hamburger recipe got its name, but I Love them and not just because I’m Polish A friend gave … [Continue reading]

54+ Dinner Ideas

54+ Dinner_Ideas

Quick & Easy Polish Hamburgers and 54+ other Dinner Ideas   have no idea how this Polish Hamburgers recipe got its name, but I Love them … [Continue reading]

40+ Chili Recipe

chili recipe

Chili Recipe...   Brrrrrrrrr baby it's cold outside and what better way to warm you up then with Chili. The great thing about Chili is how … [Continue reading]

Pot of Gold Basket

pot of gold gift baskets

Gift Basket Idea   Recently my son’s hockey team was having a bowling fundraiser and all the parents had to come up with a gift basket that was … [Continue reading]

How to make bacon in the oven

bacon in the oven

This is the easiest and best way to make Bacon in the Oven!   Growing up I learned to make bacon the old school way…  in a frying pan. First … [Continue reading]

Wine Bottle Lights


I have seen these wine bottles lights around at craft shows for a while I been wanting to make myself one. I don’t drink very often but decided it was … [Continue reading]

Homemade Dog Treats

32 homemade dog treats

  My little maltese Trixie LOVES treats, she's a real snack-a-sauris. Trixie could be sound a sleep but if you say "treat" she will … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Lunch Meat Fresh Longer

Keep lunch meat fresh longer

Best way to Keep Lunch Meat Fresh Longer!   I buy a lot of lunch meat, for sandwiches, wraps, recipe short cuts like my Quick & Easy … [Continue reading]

DIY Gifts/Shower Prizes

DIY Gifts

This DIY Gifts are a super simple and fun project that you can use for shower prizes or even a sweet little gift for someone. I have used these for … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Recipes

pumpkin recipes

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Best Bakers Secret

Best Baker secret

I took a Culinary Class a while back and I learned some great tips, and with baking season upon us I thought today would be a good day to share one of … [Continue reading]

DIY Christmas Gifts

diy christmas gifts

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Slow Cooker Recipes

slow cooker - crockpot recipes

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{DIY} Foam Soap


Kids will even look forward to using this for bath-time Happy Washing! My kids are all grown now but I remember the battle to get them to wash … [Continue reading]

75+ Vegetarian Recipes

vegetaian recipes

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100+ Organizational Tips


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4th of July Recipes, Crafts & Ideas

fourth_of_july_round_up .org

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Ground Beef Recipes

ground beef recipes

40+ Great Ground Beef Recipes   Ground Beef is inexpensive, provides lots of protein, is a great way to stretch a dollar and can be great … [Continue reading]

Healthy Chicken Recipes


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Kids Activities


30+ Kids Activities   The school year is over for most kids and parents are looking for summer kids activities to keep the kids busy. When my … [Continue reading]

Great Garden Tips & Ideas

garden tips

25+ Great Garden Tips & Ideas If you’re the owner of one or more of these wonderful ideas I would love for you to grab a Mamas Blog … [Continue reading]

50+ Father Day Ideas

50 Fathers day ideas .org

50 Ways to tell Dad You Love Him I can’t believe how fast these months are going. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and before you know it Father's Day will … [Continue reading]

Homemade Miracle Grow & Bug/Slug Repellent

natural garden bug killer

Homemade Miracle Grow & Bug/Slug Repellent All In One   Spring has finally arrived and as we look forward to planting our vegetable … [Continue reading]

Best Garden Tip {Healthy Hostas}

Best garden tip

  Spring has finally arrived and as we look forward to planting our vegetable gardens and flower/plant beds, nobody is looking forward to all … [Continue reading]

How To Store Lettuce Longer

Keep lettuce fresh longer

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Easy Garlic Mashed Potatoes!

Easy garlic mashed potatoes

I love going to restaurants that have garlic mashed potatoes….I’m what they call a Potatoaholic So when I set out to find a recipe to closely match … [Continue reading]

Time-saving Kitchen Tip

Time-saving tips

Quick and Easy Time-saving Kitchen Tip Every mom I know is looking for time-saving kitchen tips. As a busy mom of four (3 hockey players) I was … [Continue reading]

{diy} Chunky Magnets


I have so many old magnets from pizza places, restaurants, doctors, old calendars etc… and while I like the purpose the serve for hanging notes, … [Continue reading]

Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup

I LOVE SOUP!! and I really LOVE this Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup… It’s so easy to make and it really sticks to your ribs. Ingredients: 32 oz … [Continue reading]

Quick & Easy Green Beans with Ham & Onions

easy green beans with ham & onions

This Easy Green Bean recipe is so yummy and so easy to make for a side dish or even a quick meal.   Ingredients 1 1/2 lb of green beans … [Continue reading]

Bridal Shower Game {Scratch Off}

shwer scratch off game .org

  A while back I came acrossed how to make your own scratch offs, all though I thought it was a good idea I thought what would I use it … [Continue reading]