About Me

My name is Wendy and I’m new to the blogging world.

I’m a semi-retired mom of 4 young adults, my youngest just graduated from high school.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for 27 years so I am trying to reinvent myself. Before I got married I did graphic design so I thought blogging would be a good fit for me if I’m able to master WordPress. This has been a slow process but a very rewarding one.

So please bare with me as I learn all that there is to learn in the blogging world. Once I get the technical stuff down I will be publishing a lot of good content.

I think I was always a blogger at heart because I LOVE to share ideas with friends and family, anytime I would find some great new product or found a new recipe, or even a great household tip.

I definitely LOVE to solve problems for me or my loved ones and hopefully for my readers too.

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