{DIY} Foam Soap

diy-foaming-soapKids will even look forward to using this for bath-time

Happy Washing!

My kids are all grown now but I remember the battle to get them to wash their hands. They loved water but for some reason they acted like soap was the enemy :/ When ever I asked them if they washed their hands they would say yes then I would say “let me smell your hands” and then they would quickly remember that they forgot to use soap… They quickly learned that their hands better smell good or they would be sent back to wash them again. I came up with this soap mixture really because it seemed like all the liquid soap I used were making their soap mixture thicker and it seemed like it wasn’t working as good as it use to. Then it dawned on me to look at the ingredients in bubble bath and sure enough it was the same ingredients as the liquid soap I was using but it was CHEAPER and it wasn’t as thick so I started using that. Then foaming soap came out and I thought it was crazy how expensive it was for the refill so I starting to make my own.

Here’s what you need…

An empty foaming soap container Liquid bubble bath of your choice {use fruity smelling soap to help encourage kids to wash more} Hot Water

Here’s how to do it…

Fill the empty soap container with about 1/3 HOT water {this will help with mixing it up} Fill the rest of the container with the bubble bath soap {don’t fill to the top, leave at least an inch from the top so it doesn’t overflow} Give it a gentle shake and Presto… you just made you own Foaming Soap


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