DIY Miss to Mrs Banner

How to make your own DIY Miss to Mrs Banner {Bunting}


This is an old posting from my old blog that  foolishly let expire and now I’m trying to rebuild here on this blog. But I will be making a new banner for my sons fiancee shower next month.

Banners {Buntings} are very popular for parties and showers and while I was planning my daughters Bridal shower my daughter said she would like one for her shower and I decided then and there she was going to have one but they can be kinda pricey so I set out to make my own.

It cost me only $4 dollars to make my bunting! Heres how


Here’s how I did it, cheap and easy just the way I like it.

  • I designed the bunting using picmonkey, I used the 46 template and saved my works of art on my computer.
  • Then I uploaded my artwork to Walmart Photo Studio and had them printed out of 15 cents per print for 4x 6 for 1 hour.(if you plan ahead you can order your prints and have them delivered for 9 cents per print for 46)


diy miss to mrs banner


  • Just punch two holes at the top to weave your ribbon through. I used the shear ribbon with wire, it will help hold the cards in place.
  • Lay out the cards in the correct order and weave the ribbon through the holes. Be sure to leave extra ribbon at both ends so that you can hang your bunting.
  • I also attached two bows at both ends

Now that’s what I call EASY! I Love how it turned out  :-)



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