Flu Treatment

Flu season is already here… Looking for Flu Treatment??



Yeah I know it does seem early but unfortunately, here in Michigan, there has already been a flu-related death.

That’s some scary stuff and that leaves people looking for flu treatment to hopefully shorten the length of the time they have the flu, reduce the symptoms or stop the flu altogether.

I have found a product that I have been using for at least the last 15 years and I swear by it, in my opinion, it is the Best Flu Treatment I have found. I haven’t had the flu in since I started using Osscillococc¬†(o-sill-o-cox-see-num)

My family and I take Osscillococc to stop or reduce the flu symptoms, along with plenty of fluids.

I have found that for the BEST results I take Oscillo at the First Sign of Flu-like Symptoms. It’s safe, natural and easy to take. It helps reduce both the duration and the severity of flu-like symptoms.

Last year my son that plays college hockey, was the envy of his team because he was able to dodge the flu bug while it ran rampant thru his hockey team.

He did share the information about Osscillococc with his teammates, but the problem was that during flu season it can be very hard to find in stores and he had already used his Osscillococc supply that I send him to school with and was waiting for his care package from me to replenish his stock.

I always have at least two small boxes or one large box on hand at all times. This is by far the best price I have found

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