Homemade Dog Treats

32 homemade dog treats

My little Maltese Trixie LOVES treats, she’s a real snack-a-sauris. Trixie could be sound a sleep but if you say “treat” she will jump up out of a dead sleep, and because I make her sit and rollover for her treat she will start rolling over uncontrollable lol

With all the recalls and problems with people are having with store bought dog treats and decided to do a round-up of homemade dog treats that are quick and easy for any dog owner to make.

The great thing about making your pets treats is that you know what is going into the dog treat and you know they are getting good quality healthy ingredients, and a happy and healthy dog makes for a happy owner.


  • I take great care to link to every one of these links with the source where these came from.
  • I am IN NO WAY trying to take credit for any of them. Unless they are my own post.
  • I would LOVE to promote every one of these creative people who came up with these great ideas!
  • If you click on each picture it will take you to the source (or as close as I could come to it).
  • Unfortunately, some of them never led to an original source.
  • If someone wants to send me the information of the original source I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to add it.
  • I believe in giving credit where credit is due!



32 Homemade Dog Treats


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  1. Wow these are all amazing. I love making things like this because you know exactly what is in them!

  2. Great collection of recipes! Thanks for sharing with Merry Monday!

  3. What a great resource! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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