How to Wrap {pretty} Gift

I Love Pretty Packages 😀


It just came to me that not everyone know how to wrap a pretty gift, I guess I never really thought about it till my daughter’s shower when I got some complements on how nice my gift for her looked, they thought I had it wrap.

how to wrap a gift


So I thought maybe there was others that could use a little help. It is really easy if you just take your time. So lets get started.

All you need is wrapping paper, tape & Tulle of your choice


  • You want to make sure you have enough paper to cover all sides. Long enough to go all the way around and for the sides you want to make sure that the paper goes up side of the package at least 1/2 way up on both sides.
  • Center the box on the paper upside down (this is so your gift will be right side up when wrapped). Fold one side around to the top and tape to help hold the paper in place.
  • Before you tape the other side, fold the edge of the paper and give it a good crease.
  • Fold the other side up and around to the top. Make sure the paper is pulled tight. Be careful not to pull too much or you will tear the paper. Tape down.
  • Fold the sides of the gift in first. Tape down to hold in place.
  • Then fold the bottom side down first (the side that the edges meet) tape down
  • Fold the edge of the top side down, give it a good crease and then fold the topside down and tape. Do this to both sides.

how to wrap a gift



how to wrap a gift

Now for the ribbon & bow

I Love Tulle!! This stuff easy so easy to work with and its a lot prettier! And it actually cheaper than ribbon especially when you buy in on sale.

Tulle usually comes in 10 yard rolls and ribbon is usually comes in 3 foot yard rolls.

  • Place the gift on its side, starting on what will be the top. Wrap the Tulle around the long side to the back
  • When the Tulle meets in the back, give the Tulle a full twist.
  • Now come around the short side and wrap around to the front.
  • When you get around to the front cut the Tulle. Allow for about 6-7 inches extra.
  • Slip both ends under the Tulle from the long side. Pull tight and double tie. Be sure to include the Tulle from the long side.
  • Trim any extra Tulle.

how to wrap a gift

  • I used a 6 inch ruler. Wrapped it 15 times around the ruler.
  • Have an extra piece of pre-cut Tulle ready. I used about an 9 inch piece.
  • Remove the wrapped Tulle off the ruler, book or what ever you wrapped it around.
  • Using the extra piece of Tulle wrap it around the center of the Tulle bunch. Pull tight and double tie.
  • Find the center of the looped end, slip your scissors in the loop and cut. Do this to both ends.Bunch the ends and trim off any long ends. Do this to both ends.
  • Shake it out and fluff it out till your happy with the look.
  • Attach the Pom Pom to the package and you done!

how to wrap a gift


 TIP: If you want 6 inch pompom use 6 inch flat book or cardboard to wrap tulle around. Will make an 6 inch in diameter. For every 2 inches you go up in size add 6-8 wraps to be sure its full enough. 

That’s it! Your done. Pretty easy :)

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