Money Tree

Money tree gift


Who said money doesn’t grow on trees lol… a friend won this beauty and I had to borrow a picture cause she’s not a blogger and I felt it was too good of an idea to pass up this Money Tree Gift Basket!!

Upon investigating how this little gem was put together this is what I discovered…

Things you will need:

  • Container to use as a base
  • Plaster of paris {this will give it a little weight and will hold the dowel in place}
  • 24″ wood dowel
  • 5″ styrofoam ball
  • Crinkle paper or Chocolate coins
  • MONEY {This tree contained $60}
  • Floral wire – 4″ length
  • Cello gift basket wrap
  • Bow
  • Hot glue

Here’s how what to do:

  • Mix up about a cup of plaster of paris and pour into the container
  • Insert dowel into the plaster {you may need to use tape to help hold the dowel in place} Let dry
  • Attach styrofoam ball with hot glue
  • Bunch up the dollar bill in the middle and wrap floral wire around the center and twist
  • Insert into styrofoam ball. Repeat until the ball is full of money
  • Arrange crinkle paper and/or chocolate coins on top of plaster or paris to cover plaster
  • Wrap up in cello wrap and attach bow

That’s how you make money grow on Trees!!


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