Perfect Boiled Eggs

How to make perfect hard-boiled eggs


We eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs in my house and there’s nothing more frustrating than losing half of your egg when you peel it or to overcook the egg and have that greenish around the outer portion of the yoke.

Well after lots of trial and error I figured out how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs and easy peel hard boiled eggs

Generous amount of salt

boiled eggs

Bring water to a full boil

Using spoon or colander


Lower eggs into boiling water

Boiled eggs

Cover, then turn off heat and let sit cover for 14 mins,

After you let the eggs sit for 14 minutes drain hot water and fill pot with cold water to cool eggs down

boiled eggs


Crack egg and peel under a slow stream of cool water

boiled eggs

Peeling under the water it helps the shell pull away from the egg

boiled eggs

Perfect hard-boiled eggs Every time 🙂

boiled eggs

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