Best Bakers Secret

I took a Culinary Class a while back and I learned some great tips, and with the baking season upon us, I thought today would be a good day to share one of my favorite. I love to bake but I really hate having to greaseĀ and flour the pans, and I REALLY HATE when I do all that work only to have my cakes and cupcakes, or any other baked good stick! That is until I learned this Great little tip. You can use this mixture for other than cakes and cupcakes. You really can use this for any kind of baking that requires you to grease or grease and flour the pan. Works great for making pizzas :)

Best Baker secret


Best Bakers Secret:

1/2 cup Flour

1/2 cup Vegetable Oil

1/2 cup Crisco (you can use a store brand)

First mix the Flour and the Crisco, mix well into a paste. Then add the Vegetable Oil and mix well. Store in airtight container and store in your pantry. Simply use a brush or plastic bag on your hand to spread the mixture onto your surface needed.

I hope you find this tip as useful and I do. Happy Baking :)

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